Debugging Erlang

In 2007 when I keyed my first “HelloWorld.erl” in Notepad, I remember a general uneasiness descending over me.

I’m typing code in Notepad.
Notepad doesn’t have syntax highlighting.
Notepad doesn’t provide error squiggles.
Notepad doesn’t provide IntelliSense.
Notepad doesn’t have a “Build Solution”.
How am I supposed to set a breakpoint from Notepad?
How am I supposed to debug this stuff?
Oh, dark night of the soul! What am I getting into here!?

Well here’s an answer to at least the debugging bit…

This screencast is a simple demo of debugging (stepping through) a recursive function in an Erlang module. For grins, and to make it clear that no IDE magic is involved, the code is edited using Notepad.

Debugging in Erlang from Bryan Hunter on Vimeo.

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